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Profile Bending Machine

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Hydraulic section bending machine MCP

The three roll double pre-bending section bender DAVI MCP is a technologically advanced machine that is most effective when bending regular sections such s a flat bar (flat or on edge), rectangular bars or typical T, UPN, angles or tubes with square or rectangular sections (in addition to stainless steel tubes, brass or copper or other materials). The heavy structure and sizing together with the complete range of accessories including a hydraulic traction device which makes the MCP particularly well adapted for making beams with sections of up to 500 mm. The lateral rolls are adjusted hydraulically and independently to permit the machine to perform the pre-bending operation.

The machine can be equipped with correcting rolls to compensate for the deformations that occur during the bending process. The rolls are mounted on large diameter shafts, manufactured for high resistance that are fixed and rotate on sphere auto aligned shaped bearings (pre-lubricated) to obtain a high level of performance. Modular rolls in alloy steel are mounted on the shafts, fixed and wear proof, they adapt to the profile of the curve. 

The MCP is designed to work (optionally) both with vertical and horizontal axi accordino to the production and space requirements of the customer. The rolls are elevated thanks to large hydraulic cylinders capable of pressing the section that is being curved with the maximum force required according to the diameter to be formed. In addition all the rolls are motorized thus ensuring an excellent transit of the profile during the curving process. This is possible thanks to three hydraulic motors coupled to three orbital gearboxes mounted on each roll. The coupling motor-gearbox is a direct mechanical coupling via a high precision splined shaft and this permits a very high precision connection.

The MCP presents, amongst its main characteristics:
- High curving speed for high production units
- Emergency valve to stop hydraulically the machine rotation immediately in emergency
- Total overload protection - Continuous filtering system
- High quality hydraulic component suppliers



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