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FitWeld 300

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A tough and robust MIG/MAG machine for tacking and welding in demanding environments.

Excellent tack welding quality

FitWeld 300 is suitable for many MIG/MAG welding applications, but it's quick ignition and high efficiency make it especially fast, safe and economic for tack welding of steel materials. It can be used for welding with ferrous, stainless steel and aluminium filler materials.

FitWeld 300 is designed for use in demanding environments. It has wire feed cabinet illumination to facilitate wire adjustment in dark conditions, and its case is made of reinforced fibre plastic

FitWeld 300 gives you lots of benefits

  • Speed, quality and economy
  • Big power, real savings
  • Practical protection
  • Efficient and powerful

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Connection voltage

3 ~, 50/60 Hz 400 V -15% +10%
Rated power at max. current 11.0kVA
Supply current I1max 16 A
I1eff 7A
Load capacity 40 °C 300 A / 20%
Connection cable H07RN-F 4G1.5 (5m)
Fuse (delayed) 10A
OCV (open circuit voltage) 43 V
Power factor at max. current 0.95
Efficiency at max. current 0.85
Welding range 11- 32 V
Wire spool (max. ø) 200 mm
Wire feed mechanism 2-roll feed
Filler wires Fe solid 0.8 - 1.2 mm
Fe cored 0.8 - 1.2 mm
Ss 0.8 - 1.2 mm
Al 1.0 - 1.2 mm
External dimensions L x W x H 457 x 226 x 339 mm
Weight 14.5 kg
EMC class A
Degree of protection IP23S

Product   Code
FitWeld 300, MMT32 3m 6291001
FitWeld 300, MMT32 4.5m 6291002


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