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Kemppi WeldSnake™

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Range of water-cooled MIG guns with extra-long cables that are ideal for places where you need an exceptionally long reach.

Kemppi WeldSnake™ revolutionizes Aluminium and Stainless Steel MIG welding

Kemppi WeldSnake™ is a product range of extra long water cooled MIG guns for pushing Aluminium and Stainless Steel MIG/MAG wire. Kemppi WeldSnake™ is an economical solution for places where you need longer range. As a lightweight and small gun it fits well to your hand and has an excellent access even to narrow places.

    • Unique 6m /8 m length is lightweight solution giving extra work range
    • Excellent access to narrow places due to small size
    • Maintenance easy, simple construction
    • Same consumable spares as in PMT and MMT MIG guns
    • Ergonomic design, lightweight, well-balanced grip and roughened handle surface
    • Euro connector

Kemppi WeldSnake™ products:
    Kemppi WS 35 6 m gas cooled 300 A
    Kemppi WS 30 W 6 m / 8 m liquid cooled 250 A
    Kemppi WS 42W 6 m / 8 m liquid cooled 300 A

Product Product code
WS 30W 6M AL1,2 6253046A12
WS 42W 6M AL 1,2 WELDSNAKE MIG GUN 6254206A12
WS 30W 6M SS 1,0 6253046S10
WS 42W 6M SS 1.0 6254206S10
WS 30W 6M SS 1,2 6253046S12
WS 42W 6M SS 1.2 6254206S12
WS 30W 8M AL 1,2 6253048A12
WS 42W 8M AL 1,2 WELDSNAKE MIG GUN 6254208A12
WS 30W 8M SS 1.0 6253048S10
WS 42W 8M SS 1.0 6254208S10
WS 30W 8M SS 1.2 6253048S12
WS 42W 8M SS 1.2 6254208S12




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