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Master MMA

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Strong and powerful welding inverter suitable for all types of MMA welding, but also for many other applications.

Ample power for MMA welding

The Master 5001 is a constant current and constant voltage type of welding inverter used in three-phase current which can provide welding current of up to 500A. In addition to MMA welding, it is also suitable for carbon arc gouging, and TIG welding using DC current.

Due to its large load capacity the Master 5001 power source is also very suitable for welding with long cables and thick electrodes.

This power source is also very suitable for use with the Kemppi ArcFeed or any other voltage sensing wire feed unit even in MIG/MAG welding.

A power source for multiple uses

The Master 5001 is a diverse tool for the metalworking professional, as it is suitable not only for MMA welding, but also for carbon arc gouging, DC TIG welding, and MIG/MAG welding with a voltage sensing wire feed unit.

High load capacity, controllability and remote controls enable the use of an extensive selection of electrodes and good reach. They make this power source an excellent companion for travelling welders, for repairs and production welding.

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