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MasterTig MLS™ ACDC

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A versatile line of products for the TIG welding of aluminium and stainless steel and for MMA welding. Suitable for both manual and mechanised welding.

Versatile masters of TIG welding

The MasterTig MLS ACDC models are suitable for all metals, but particularly for the TIG welding of aluminium and stainless steel and for MMA welding.

This product family offers the most versatile and advanced devices for TIG welding. They have been developed based on the latest Kemppi welding research.

MasterTig MLS 2300 ACDC is a TIG welding machine that can be connected to the single-phase network. Its welding current is exceptionally high in relation to its size, thanks to special PFC technology.

MasterTig MLS 3000/3003 ACDC models are very efficient and versatile TIG welding machines, used in the three-phase network. The connection voltage of the 3003 model can be 230–400 V.

A reliable arc for all types of current

It is possible to use these machines with any type of current: AC, DC+ and DC-. In addition, the MIX TIG function is also available, i.e. a combination of AC and DC.

The digital ACS- and ACX control panels offer all the basic functions needed for TIG welding, as well as many useful additional functions aimed at improving the quality and productivity of welding.

Both of the MasterTig MLS ACDC amperage classes have specific cooling units for water-cooled torches. MasterCool 30 is meant for three-phase machines and MasterCool 20 for single-phase machines.

MasterTig MLS™ 2300 ACDC

Mains voltage 1~ 50/60 Hz 230 V -15%...+15%
Conn. cable / fuse delayed   3 x 2.5 mm² -S-3.3 m / 16 A
Load capacity 40 °C 40 % TIG 5.7 kVA / 230 A
60 % TIG 4.8 kVA / 200 A
100 % TIG 3.9 kVA / 170 A
40 % MMA 6.0 kVA / 180 A
60 % MMA 4.8 kVA / 150 A
100 % MMA 3.7 kVA / 120 A
Welding range TIG 3 A / 10 V...230 A / 19,2 V
MMA 10 A / 20.5 V ...180 A / 27.2 V
Max. welding voltage 32 V / 180 A (MMA)
Open circuit voltage 58 V DC
Power ratio at max. current 0.99
Stick electrodes MMA ø 1.5...4.0 mm
External dimensions L x W x H 430 x 180 x 390 mm
Weight 15 kg

Product Product code
MASTERTIG MLS 2300 AC/DC 1X230V 6162300


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