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MasterTig AC/DC

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A powerful TIG welding machine suitable for all types of materials, with many functions and several control panel options.

Welding power and precise control

The Mastertig AC/DC 3500W is a three-phase TIG welding machine equipped with extensive control options and both AC and DC TIG welding functions. It can also be used as an efficient power source for MMA welding.

There are three control panel options: the ACDC basic control panel, the ACDC Minilog panel containing special functions, and the ACDC Pulse panel equipped with the most diverse set of functions.

All the necessary functions needed for TIG welding are included in the basic control panel, and the Minilog and Pulse panels contain plenty of special functions. The control panel safety lock prevents unauthorized use of the device.

The Mastertig AC/DC 3500W is equipped with a cooling unit for liquid-cooled torches.

Precise control of welding current

The Kemppi MLS technology (multi logic system) used in the Mastertig AC/DC
device along with the diverse control panel options enable very precise control of the welding current in different phases of the welding task.

When the shape of the arc, the weld penetration, the cleaning effect, as well as the other features are under precise control, this keeps also the costs under control and ensures that the quality of the welds remains on high level.

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MASTERTIG AC/DC 3500W 6163505


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