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Kemppi Pro Evolution (TIG)

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A detachable TIG ignition unit for professional use representing the well-known Kemppi Pro quality. Precise welding parameter control and a diverse selection of functions.

Kemppi Pro Evolution in TIG welding

ProTig 410 is an arc ignition and control device used in TIG welding along with Kemppi Pro Evolution power sources. The device also enables the use of the Kemppi Pro Evolution welding system in TIG welding. The machine can also be used for MMA welding.

ProTig 410 is designed for professional use. It ensures the trouble-free ignition and steady burn of the arc allowing TIG welding to be effortless even on demanding welding objects.

The unit can be attached on top of the Kemppi Pro Evolution power source, but it can also be easily detached and moved to the welding site on its standard frame. Additional reach is provided by the remote control option.

An extensive range of adjustments bring fluency to welding

Two control panel options are available for the ProTig 410 ignition unit. They include the selection of ignition methods and welding parameters as well as the save settings function, which enables easier use of previously used settings.

The reliable ignition and steady burn of the arc, as well as the diverse selection of functions, are the Kemppi Pro Evolution qualities that increase the productivity and weld quality also in TIG welding.

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PROTIG 410 TIG UNIT 6271262


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