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Liburdi Automation™ : Pulsweld® High Speed GTAW and PAW Power Sources

High Speed Welding - Increased Tube Production

The Liburdi Pulsweld® current sources are designed for continuous repeatable High Speed GTAW and PAW pulsing applications and connect easily into your automated line to increase performance and throughput by 25% to 200%.  The systems are modular and are available in 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 Amps as required.  Based on the Pulsweld® line of proven aerospace technology, configured specifically for high volume, high speed Tube Mill welding. 

System Features:

True Square Wave DC Pulsing

  • High frequency pulsing up to 20 kHz
  • Sharp rise time with no overshoot or undershoot
  • Output current is not affected by input power line noise and spikes

Increased Production and Quality

  • Increase line speed by 25% to 200%
  • Decrease in production defect rates
  • Superior burst strength of tube/pipe welds

High Speed Current Controller

  • Checks and adjusts current every 6 micro-seconds to ensure changes in line conditions, weld surface or gap do not affect weld quality

LCX-HS Microprocessor Controller

  • High performance and reliability from PC microprocessor based control
  • Complete selection and control of critical welding parameters through compact, easy to use hand held pendant

Critical Weld Parameters

  • Ready access to all parameters (pulse current, background current, pulse frequency, pulse duty cycle, starting current, final current, slope-up time, slope-down time) 
  • All your system needs to provide is the start/stop signal


Output:   Input:  
Current: 200 to 1200 Amps
200 Amps per module   
Voltage: 240 or 480 VAC
Accuracy: Better than 1% Current: 20 or 10 Amps/module
Open Circuit: 75 V maximum        Frequency: 60 Hz (50 Hz option)
Duty: Continuous (100%) Phase:  Single or Three phase  
Pulsation:  Up to 20,000 Hz         


8.5" (21 cm) or 40" (101 cm) high cabinet
Optional water cooler
TIG or Plasma torches
Foot pedal


Unit - 19" (48 cm) W x 24" (61 cm) D x 8.50" (21 cm) H
Cabinet - 23" (58 cm) W x 30" (76 cm) D x 40" (101 cm) H

Liburdi Pulsweld® offers a complete line of welding power sources which meet the most demanding requirements in industrial manufacturing and aerospace applications.  The systems are modular and offer a wide range of innovative features that improve arc characteristics, weld quality and control over the weld process.

Pure Current:
Less than 0.5% peak to peak ripple
High speed up to 1,000 Hz, true square wave pulsing produces a narrow constrained arc with higher arc force which results in lower heat input as compared with conventional power sources.

High Frequency Switching Regulator
Pulse width modulation frequency is 150 kHz

Unlike inverter based power supplies, Pulsweld® unique higher speed switching and current regulation technologies allow the current to be precisely controlled every 6 micro seconds.  This in turn provides assurance that the current is always correct in spite of abrupt changes in arc gap, surface contamination, input line spikes, etc.

Control Loop Bandwidth
Small and large signal bandwidth greater than 10 kHz
Fast response time provides precisely regulated current regardless of external forces such as power line interference.  The power source maintains sharp rise times with no overshoot for optimum pulsed current applications.

Drift Free Operation
Better than 1% accuracy
Stable, repeatable performance from all Pulsweld® power sources.  Weld settings are repeatable from unit to unit for consistency in multi-unit manufacturing operations.

Precision Arc Starter
The Arc Starter uses an impulse design capable of initiating the arc on thin edges at very low current. 

Computer Compatibility
Eliminates interference between power source and computer
All systems are designed for computer control and eliminate conducted EMI through control cables.  Pulsweld® arc starter designs do not emit high frequency radiation often found in other welding systems. 

Options for 50/100 Amp Micro
Gas panel, foot pedal, torches, water cooler, 19" (48 cm) rack mount cabinets available along with integration with Automated Systems.  Precise micro plasma torches available.

Standard Modular Systems
GTAW and PAW Systems
Pulsweld's® complete line of 50, 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 Amp power sources are available as modules for ease of maintenance and back up.  Separate modular arc starter and/or plasma pilot arc units are available for flexible system configuration.

Welding and Automation Support
Liburdi provides a complete range of robotic motion systems, vision systems, power supplies and controllers, as well as engineering support to develop the weld procedures and qualify the welds for metallurgical quality.



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