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9500 Controller

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9500 System Controller

The 9500 Controller is a versatile, reliable and proven microprocessor control capable of being used on a wide range of welding applications and integrated systems. Here is why:

  • Controls and sequences up to four welding parameters (channels)
  • Closed loop control of the four welding parameters. Any deviation from the preset is immediately corrected
  • A multiline LCD display shows the actual parameter values as the weld progresses
  • Stores up to 60 single pass welding programs in battery backed memory 
  • Several standard Firmware and Hardware options are available
  • Easy to update or retrofit for different processes 
  • Operates with Digital and Analog outputsBenefits of the 9500 Controller
  • Compact, economical and with a proven design
  • Closed loop control provides high accuracy and repeatability from weld to weld
  • User friendly menu programming using familiar welding terms and values
  • Welding programs are password protected
  • Each welding program is stored as a customer defined alphanumeric name
  • The operator can make adjustments to any parameter while welding – within predetermined limits, 0 to 99% and password protected
  • Consistent welds; less rejects
  • Easy to integrate with other OEM equipment
  • Built for the welding environment

Firmware Options

  • Pulse control - Allows programming of the welding current pulse parameters as part of the welding program
  • Multi-pass capability - Can store 35 multi-pass programs with up to 40 passes per program
  • Surface Speed Indication - For circumferential welding, allows for the diameter to be inputted and displays in surface speed inches per minute
  • Synergic TIG control - Allows all the parameters to be adjusted in unison within predetermined percentages
  • Encoder Control - Allows the control to be programmed in distance or degrees to determine the end of weld or change pass event
  • Data Print Facility - Prints all welding parameters and calibration data for archival.


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