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Internal Seam Welders

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LWI - Internal Longitudinal Seam Welders

  • The standard designs offer welding lengths that range from 72” (1825 mm) to 300” (7600 mm) and can accommodate a minimum part diameter of 55” (1400 mm). The machine will accommodate any maximum diameter that you can conveniently handle.
  • For seam welding cylinders, tanks, flat sheets with GTAW, PAW, GMAW and SAW processes
  • Designed for large diameter cylinders, tanks, and heavy wall plate
  • The sturdy base structure takes place of the mandrel
  • Carriages use hardened bearings and precision DC motor with tach generator feedback
  • Various speed ranges and speed holding accuracies are available
  • Copper backing bars and reversible copper finger tips are standard
  • Comes standard with 9627 microprocessor motion controller
  • Options:
    Various control systems (9500, 9900)
  • Hydraulic tilting tabletop and/or hydraulic centering plate stops
  • Dual-ARC (PAW+ GTAW) and Tandem SAW processes can increase productivity and make single pass welds on 3/8” thick metals possible
  • Elevating rollers and part loading conveyors
  • VMS (video monitoring system) and operator podium
  • Wireless remote control for finger operation

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