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CWB3 and CWB6 Circumferential Welding Lathes

Jetline’s CWB series weld lathes are used for all arc welding applications. Systems consist of a powered headstock, adjustable pneumatic tailstock and adjustable weld head mounting post mounted on a machined base. Headstock rotation and welding process sequencing are controlled by the 9640 microprocessor controller.

Common System Features:

  • Multiple headstock RPM ranges to choose from
  • System lengths from 24” (600 mm) to 240” (6100 mm)
  • Tooling faceplates mounted to headstock and tailstock
  • 500 amp welding ground
  • 5/8” (16mm) diameter through hole on headstock spindle

CWB3 Circumferential Weld Lathe:
  • 400 lb (180 kg) weight carrying capacity
  • Maximum standard part diameter 18” (450 mm)
  • Tailstock clamping pressure 250 lb (110 kg)

CWB6 Circumferential Weld Lathe:
  • 1,000 lb (450 kg) maximum weight capacity
  • Maximum standard part diameter 30” (750 mm)
  • Tailstock clamping pressure 500 lb (225 kg)

  • 9500 and 9900 controls
  • Remote podium mount for controls
  • Pneumatic torch retractors sequenced by the system controller
  • Cross slides and mounting brackets for mounting the welding process 
  • For GTAW and PAW applications, add arc length control, cold wire feeder, and magnetic arc control systems
  • For GMAW and SAW applications, add mechanical oscillators and seam trackers
  • Welding process integrated and weld tested
  • Two welding processes for making two welds at a time
  • Tooling for the headstock and tailstock to locate the part on rotational centerline

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