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Elevating Seam Welders

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LWH - Elevating Longitudinal Seam Welders 

  • Standard designs have welding lengths ranging from 72” (1825 mm) to 240” (6100 mm). Standard maximum diameter in the elevated position is 96” (2440 mm). Minimum part diameter depends on the length of the seam welder
  • For seam welding cylinders, tanks, flat sheets with GTAW, PAW, GMAW and SAW processes
  • Designed to accommodate a wide range of diameters. Ideal for internal and external welding of cylinders and tanks
  • Carriages use hardened bearings or wheels and precision DC motor with tach generator feedback
  • Various welding speed ranges and speed holding accuracies are available
  • Copper backing bars and reversible copper finger tips are standard
  • A hydraulic cylinder with a special fail-safe valve is used to change the height of the tabletop and mandrel
  • Can be ordered with external or internal style tabletop
  • Comes standard with 9627 microprocessor motion controller

  • Various control styles (9500, 9900)
  • Hinged style (drooping style) hydraulic mandrel to ease loading and unloading
  • Dual-ARC (PAW+ GTAW) and Tandem SAW processes can increase productivity and make single pass welds on 3/8” thick metals possible
  • VMS (video monitoring system) and operator podium
  • Wireless remote control for finger operation
  • Water cooled mandrel

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