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Bench Seam Welders

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LWB - Bench Style Longitudinal Seam Welders

  • Standard designs have welding lengths ranging from 6” (150 mm) to 36” (900 mm) and can accommodate a minimum part diameter from 2 5/8” (67 mm)
  • Easy loading and unloading to increase productivity
  • For seam welding cylinders, tanks, flat sheets with GTAW, PAW, or GMAW 
  • Side beam track is fitted with hardened vee ways for smooth precise travel
  • Carriages use hardened vee wheels and precision DC motor with tach generator feedback
  • TKB bench style track and carriage uses a linear drive system which offers smooth and backlash free travel
  • Standard air treadle valves to operate pneumatic finger banks
  • Various speed ranges and speed holding accuracies are available
  • Copper backing bars and reversible copper finger tips are standard
  • Comes standard with 9627 microprocessor motion controller

  • Various controllers (9500, 9900)
  • Continuous finger strips
  • Continuous “toe-touch” tape switches operate pneumatic finger banks
  • Self standing base

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