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MS Clamshell

올해는 몇년도입니까?

This midsize clamshell is our latest clamshell design with many new pipe cutting and pipe beveling innovations.

(동영상이 끊길 경우, 잠시 일시정지를 눌러 주시기 바랍니다)

The latest in our line of patented pipe cutting and pipe beveling machines is our MS or Mid-Size Clamshell. Lighter than the HD and more rigid than the NB, the MS has a compact design that delivers the power and accuracy to work on virtually all pipe (10"- 42") materials and wall thickness. The MS is designed for pipe cutting, pipe beveling, ID boring, flange facing and OD turning.

The MS offers many innovative design features including a new gear clamping feature and motor mount, which allow for faster, more secure setups and increased rigidity. Compatible locator extensions with the NB and tool blocks/slides with the NB and HD Clamshells give our split frame clamshells more on-site field machining versatility.

MC Clamshell

MC Clamshell



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