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D.L. Ricci Corp.는 용접 훈련, 현장 가공, 휴대용 선반, 휴대용 드릴링 장비, 개선 장비, 튜브 스퀘어링(squaring), 기계 공구 대여 서비스, Clamshell 굴착기 등의 휴대용 기계가공 장비와 기계 공구 대여 서비스를 제공하는 휴대용 기계가공 전문 업체입니다.

D.L. Ricci Corp.는 항상 휴대용 기계 공구 시장에 제품, 대여 서비스 또는 현장 기술 지원을 전문으로 제공해 왔습니다. D.L. Ricci Corp.는 파이프 절단, 파이프 개선, 접착 공정, 연마 가공, 드릴링, 밀링, 보링, 회전 선삭 가공 및 열처리 장비 등을 포함한 특허 기계 장비를 제공함으로써 세계 최대의 기계 공구 대여 회사로 자리잡게 되었습니다.

Nuclear Power
The D.L. Ricci Corp. has extensive experience in supplying the nuclear industry portable machining products for sales and rental. Along with sales and rental, we offer complete field contract services. Over the last few years, the D.L. Ricci Corp. has successfully performed field machining and heat-treating services at over 100 nuclear outages.

Nuclear Power

Projects include:

  • Steam Generator Replacement
  • Main Steam Isolation Valve Machining and Mapping
  • Pipe Replacement
  • Weld Overlay Removal
  • Valve Internal Machining
  • Turbine Modifications
  • Plant Decommissioning Services
  • Flow Accelerated Corrosion Piping Removal


Fossil Fuel / Power
The D.L. Ricci Corp. has been providing the power industry patented equipment and services for machining and heat-treating since 1993. From new construction sites to planned maintenance outages, we are able to cater to the needs of the application with equipment and manpower.

Fossil Fuel / Power

Applications include:

  • Turbine Machining
  • High Pressure Valve Internal Machining
  • Main Steam/Reheat Line Replacement
  • Safety Valve Removal
  • Manway and Steam Door Grinding
  • Hand Hole Grinding
  • Pulverizer Pedestal Boring
  • Flange Facing



Oil & Gas
Since 1993, the D.L. Ricci Corp. has been the leading supplier of cold cutting and beveling equipment to the refining and petrochemical industry. With strategic warehouse locations around the world, equipment can be dispatched to your site in a timely fashion. As production facilities continue to age, hydrocarbon build up in production lines necessitate the need for cold cutting and beveling.
Oil & Gas

Other applications serviced by our equipment are:

  • Reactor Head Cold Cutting
  • Motor and Pump Base Machining
  • Pump and Compressor Line Boring
  • Flange, Exchanger and Tube Sheet Facing
  • Fin Fan Tube Machining
  • Cold Tap Drilling
  • Cold Cutting and Beveling


Fabrication / High Purity
Pipe fabricators around the globe have depended on the D.L. Ricci Corp. and our Clamshell and End Prep Facer series of products for quick and accurate weld preps on many types of materials and diameters of pipe. Offering equipment on a sales and rental basis makes the pipe fabrication more cost effective. With ease of set-up and operation of the equipment, fabricators agree D.L. Ricci Corp. is the tool line of choice.

Fabrication / High Purity

Another area the D.L. Ricci Corp. excels in is the High Purity market of tube squaring and cutting equipment. Orbital welding requires a precision cut and burr free ID and OD on the tube to be welded for a perfect fit up. Our HPPT product line successfully accomplishes these tasks for production or one off applications, in the shop or in the field.


Offshore / Subsea
Time is of the essence on drill rigs and production facilities. The D.L. Ricci Corp. portable casing cutters come in a variety of sizes from 5” casing to 42” casing. Lightweight, low profile and portable these machines are capable of fitting into a tight areas to accurately machine casing with limited disassembly. Other areas on the rigs would be conductor machining, pumps and compressors along with piping modifications.
Offshore / Subsea With our patented hinge system, our clamshells can envelop around the pipe underwater and quickly and efficiently sever off piping for minimal fit up times in harsh environments.


Process Plants
The D.L. Ricci Corp. has products for any type of process piping or applications you may have in your facility. The D.L. Ricci Corp. has products and services for piping removal, flange facing, trunnion and tire grinding, in-place shaft machining, keyway milling, portable milling and drilling.

Process Plants

We can offer our equipment on a rental basis and provide technical assistance to train your staff or we can provide complete field contract services.


Ship Repair
The D.L. Ricci Corp. has produced some the most state-of-the-art products for the repair of ships and submarines. Our patented Journal Turning Lathe is a portable shaft-machining tool that accurately machines stern tube, drive and rudder shafts with minimal disassembly.

Ship Repair

Our line of portable boring bars are a standard for machining engine blocks and stern tubes. All of our equipment is available on a sales and rental basis or we can provide qualified technical support to complete your project on time and within budget.




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