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Pedestal Boring Bar

올해는 몇년도입니까?

Designed for on-site align boring and remachining of seats and sealing areas of control valves.

(동영상이 끊길 경우, 잠시 일시정지를 눌러 주시기 바랍니다)

The Pedestal Boring Bar is designed for on-site line boring and remachining of seats and sealing areas of control valves. By mounting on the top of a valve, the machine achieves a total stroke of 23" and is suitable for cutting diameters up to 15".

The machine consists of a geared head variable speed drive, with a mounting plate, to accommodate either pneumatic or hydraulic drive motors. The powerful motor provides plenty of torque through a set of bevel gears that interconnect to the spindle. Automatic spindle feed is supplied by a reversible and variable rate servo feed gearbox. The spindle is made from a precision ground and polished chromed 4140 bar, assuring maximum strength. Precision ball bearings are used to insure smooth operation and precision cutting. In addition to the ball bearings, Bronze dampener bearings give added stability to the design.

A fixture assembly can be provided to mount the machine on many different styles of valves. The valve mounting fixtures generally mount to the flange of a valve using the existing stud locations.

In most cases, customers save time and money when welded-in valves can remain in place and the repair can be completed without costly disassembly. Our portable boring bar is just the tool to repair them in-place.

MC Clamshell

MC Clamshell

MC Clamshell




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